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We make delicious
and healthy sandwich to
enhance a healthy lifestyle

what's special 

about our sandwiches?

No Deep Frying

We roast our chicken instead of deep friying. About 600g out of 1 kg will be produce over this expensive method.


AVA Grade "A" Factory

Our factory continue to receive Grade "A" for cleanliness. We also receive Awards and Commendations.


No Chicken Skin

We use only skinless chicken for a lower fat content.


No Added Preservatives

No preservatives are added to prolong shelf-life of our product. 

Daily scrub down of our factory to ensure our product are safety.

Special-no preservatives.png

Only Wholemeal Bread

Wholemeal bread is very healthy with dietary fibre, antioxidants such as vitamins A and E, essential minerals and B vitamins.


Toasted Not Microwaved

All our sandwiches are made fresh and delivered within hours. We do not freeze and thaw or microwave. Sandwiches are toasted between 2 hotplates before dispensing.


Only Vegetable Fat

We use only vegetable fat, no Trans Fats (hydrogenated fat) are ever used.

Special-vege oil.png

No artificial fillers or bulking agents

No artificial fillers are added to our products. We provide only the natural.

Special-no artificial.png

HCS sandwiches

We were the first sandwich company
in Singapore to get the Healthier Choice Symbol certification which attests to
our consistently high quality and hygiene standards.


Hand mixing sandwich fillings

We could use a machine for this job and save on labour costs but we do it by hand so that you can chew the chicken chunks and know that it is read chicken.


Over 60 delicious flavors

Our toasted sandwiches come in veg, non-veg and sweet flavors - over 60 at last count. You'll be spoilt for choice!

Sanwich-Regular Meal.png

Fresh ingredients

Our sandwiches are made fresh with freshest ingredients we can find. An example would be our tomatoes. We need them to be firm. This is why they are partial green turning red.


DETAILS matter to us.

Most will wonder why we obsess over the Details.

Around here, the Details, they matter.

Coarse Cut Chicken

We cut our chicken coarsely so that you can bite into the chicken knowing that it is lean chicken.


No Chicken Skin

Most of the fat in chicken comes from the skin. We use only skinless chicken to lower the fat content.



Here in the process we prepare our tomatoes:

1. Sanitised and thoroughly rinsed.

2. Coring out the eye of the tomato.

3. Dice the tomato. We dice instead of slice because dicing enables us to remove more moisture than slicing.

4. Spin dry in salad spinning machine. By removing the excess moisture, the sandwich is crispy on the outside and moist enough on the inside. Part of the Hotbake uniqueness.



We peel the skin off and core out the cucumber seeds.

what we do

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