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we offer you a
one-stop solution.

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Having problems in reducing cost? Having trouble in production?

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Help. I need a sandwich manufacturer who can support our needs.

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Our well-trained team of chefs, professional kitchen are ready to cather to your needs.

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I am facing many challenges on manpower + space + rental + budget + compliance + certification.

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You need to outsource this function for now at least. Good news is we are the solution providers that can help you solve all these challenges. 

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My café need savoury food to go with our beverage? What do you have?

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We can create wonderful products according to your specification. We serve 5 main types of sandwiches including Light Meal Sanwiches, Regular Meal Sanwiches, Full Meal Sanwiches, Hot Meal Sanwiches and Gluten Free Sanwiches.

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Light Meal Sanwiches : 130g to 150g

80g fillings minimum

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Regular Meal Sanwiches : 160g to 180g

100g fillings minimum

Sanwich-full Meal.png

Full Meal Sanwiches : 200g upwards 

120g fillings minimum


Hot Sanwiches 

Packed in baking parchment bags and delivered chilled.

Sanwiches are toasted in panini grill for 2 minutes at 200oC. 

Sliced open in the bag and served hot.

Shelf life: Chilled: 3oC: Production + 4 days

Shelf life: Frozen: -18oC: Production + 30 days

Gluten Free Sanwiches 

cather to custom order

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I need a experience and credibility service provider. You sure you have that?

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That is no doubt about it. We have been doing this since 2004. We had made more then 10 million sandwiches sold to say the least. We have more than hundred customers range from F&B, corporate, government departments, hotels, caterers, airlines, schools and universities etc.

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Are your sandwiches come with the right nutrition?

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As a certified healthy food supplier, we offer the best quality assurance. We are comply with Health Promotion Board's Healtheir Choice for more than 20 products. Our processes are well organised and systematic.

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